Sal Cameli

I was born in Jersey City to parents who were both born in Italy.

I moved to Old Bridge NJ when I was 12.

I started working in NYC when I was 24.

I lived in Roselle Park NJ for 10 years

I now live in Jersey City again!

I am an IT Consultant, have been since 1994. Click here to hire me.

I drive an Electric Car and I am very passionate about them.
I charge it up out of my Kitchen Window because where I live now
there is only street parking.

I am an Audiophile, you can see some of my gear here: Lasareath dot com
and listen to some on: YouTube

I have a very cool cat, his name is Jacky.

I post pictures and videos on Instagram and write idiotic
comments about the things I see.

I have a Facebook profile.

I was an Architectural Drafter a long time ago, before the Y2K BUG
was supposed to end the world!

I collect Knives and One-of-a-kind Weapons. You don't want to break into my house!

I ride a Street Strider and a folding Electric Bike.

I dress up for Halloween every year and I pose for photos on
Bender Avenue in Roselle Park NJ.

I have a YouTube channel, named after my car's license plate: UBUYGAS.

I used to drive a gasoline vehicle but since December 2012 I've driven a 100% Electric Car.

I own a business that sells Traffic Cone labels that say
"Electric Vehicle Charging Only", they prevent Non-Plug-In vehicles from
in EV Charging Spots

I follow the Whole30, in 2018 I lost 120LBS!!! by doing so.

I am a Trekker but not a Trekkie, even though I would love to be,
I just don't have enough free time.

I Love SciFi and Action films.

I'm on Alignable, and Homeguide, If you need help with your computers.

I created a website that teaches Novice EV Owners about charging
in public, otherwise known as EV Etiquette.

I designed #WindShieldNotes for EV Owners who cannot charge because
of Vehicles blocking EV Charging Stations. Check out: EVparkingTickets.

I Love custom made items, my Computer bag is made by Alex M Lynch,
All my coats are from Pops Leather in Adana Turkey but unfortunately
ISIS & COVID Killed them and they are shutdown for good :( Sal's Pops Leather Coats,
I have many custom made rings from: WhatEverLouie

I am Hippy and a Rocker!, but some people call me the EV Jesus.

I used to post on the Polk Audio Forum, But their Douchebag Admin
made it so I can post but no one can see them!!!

I have so many websites that I forget some, here are the ones I
remembered while making this page: Sal's LEAF - -
EVHOLES - Nissan LEAF Sunroof - LEAF 380

I used to be what hippies aspired to be: effortlessly hippy.

I have so many Instagram accounts that I forget some, here are the ones
I remembered while making this page: Electric Trucks - EVCONE -
EVSIGN - EVHOLES - EV Parking Tickets - Nissan LEAF New Batteries

I Tweet from a few accounts on occasion.

I am now just a crotchety old man from any reasonable perspective.

I don't have a more detailed résumé at this time.
But, you can contact me with the links below:

That long orange thing I am holding is called a "Cucuzza" or a “Googootz”, depending on who you ask.
It was grown by my Dad's 1st cousin, Zio Peppe in Wildwood NJ and given to my Mom as a gift on Thanksgiving day 2018.
My Mom skins it, slices it, adds some vinegar, grills it and pickles it in Olive Oil, Garlic and fresh parsley.
It is so yummy to eat. She says fresh ones are green and can be cooked like Zucchini and more ripe ones need to
be peeled and internally look like a butternut squash.

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Or click here to call me: CALL-BIG-SAL!
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